Indigenous Farm Hub

Meet Our Advisors

Tracey Cordero (Cochiti)

Tracey Cordero (Cochiti) is a proud tribal member of Cochiti Pueblo, a loving mother, aunt, sister, daughter, and a fierce community advocate. After serving on the Board of Directors for the Keres Children’s Learning Center (KCLC) for three years she transitioned to Director of the Indigenous Montessori Institute. Her continued work with KCLC is rooted in the hope of fostering Tribal Sovereignty through Indigenous Education. Her professional experience includes administering tribal court services, tribal prevention programs, strategic planning & consultation, and serving on various boards and committees. Tracey holds a BA in Psychology from the University of New Mexico and an MBA from Syracuse University.

Troy Hunt (Diné)

Troy Hunt (Diné) currently serves as Lead Community Organizer for NISN in the Navajo Nation. He has served with the Navajo Nation Departments of Community Development and Health, working with community members to assist with land use and strategic planning, accounting, capital improvement projects, and clinical data systems. With a Master’s in Education – and as a beginning farmer – Mr. Hunt will lend invaluable expertise and a unique Indigenous perspective to help develop educational programming at the Indigenous Farm Hub.